Definitions for what various words really mean in Russian:


Adultery – fidelity, so long as my partner doesn’t do it.

Agreement – useless

America – money, money and mo’ money

Business – crime

Brutality – brutality

Charity – me

Capitalism – legalized thievery, as in America.

Coffee and Cigarettes – drugs of choice

Compassion – brutality

Consumer Protection – caveat emptor

Contract – kindling paper

Crime – business, government

Criminal – Russian citizen

Devil – everybody else

Ethics – what you can get away with.

Fidelity – sleeping around but not getting caught.

Fraud – all interpersonal relationships

God – U.S. dollar

Government – criminal enterprise

Gun – bazooka

Honesty – weakness, stupidity, you’re doomed.

Hospitality –softening up the mark.

Human being – me, but nobody else.

Law – jungle rules

Magic – it works.

Marriage – business deal without scruples.

Money – the only reason for living

New Russian – thief, gangster, racketeer, pimp, embezzler, corrupt politician (redundancy in terms), forger, hood

News – lies, prevarications, half-truths; same as in the U.S.

Partner – thief

Police – useless

Politics – lies, just as in America.

Promise – trick

Peace – war

Restaurant – money laundering operation

Religion – latest popular trend

Russia – insane asylum

Russian female – ho

Russian female child – ho in training

Russian wife – over the ho-hill

Truth – doesn’t exist.

Urban Center – toxic waste dump

Vodka – escape

War – normal everyday affairs


Author's Definitions

Feminazi – unnatural life form that believes females are superior to men in every way.

Ho – a girl who uses her sexual attributes to get something of material value from a man, a.k.a. whore, slut, prostitute.

Homo Sapiens Female – broad, chick, girl, dame, ho, snatch, nookie, slut, whore, prostitute, evil.

Judge – arrogant to the max bureaucrat

Metahomorph – dangerous

Political Correctionalists - person who wants to imprison your thoughts, speech and actions unless, of course, you’ve already submitted to lefty totalitarianism.

She-male – a girl who thinks she’s as tough as a man but as feminine as a dame, a.k.a. Feminazi.

Woman – I’m not familiar with that term.