Stupid Frigging Fool


The tragicomedy of an American lawyer
and a Russian mafia prostitute


Roy and Alina, a.k.a. Angelina, in Moscow, Krasnodar and Las Vegas


A middle-aged American lawyer while managing a Moscow detective agency falls for a young, pretty, six-foot, vat-dyed blonde-haired, wolf-eyed Russian girl who uses black magic, narcotics and feminine charms to play him for a ticket to America. He finally becomes suspicious, a little slow for an attorney with an MBA from an Ivy League business school, and starts a personal investigation using Russian F.S.B. and military intelligence agents and other sleuthing techniques that take him through a Minotaur labyrinth of the international Russian sex industry, which includes Chechen Islamic lunatics.

Digging through the Russian netherworld reveals not only the truth about his wife but also some of the lunacy of modern-day Russian culture while seeking justice through the politically-correct American judicial system and incompetent Federal agencies exposes the widespread discrimination against men in modern-day U.S. culture.

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By Roy Den Hollander, Esq.

Copyrighted 2019