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                                                                                                                              August 5, 2003



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Nelson M. Stern, Esq.

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Roy Den Hollander v. Flash Dancers Topless Club, et al.

Southern District Court of New York, CV-03-2717 (MBM)



Dear Mr. Stern:


              I am terribly sorry to hear of Mr. Paulsen’s illness and hope all goes well in the upcoming operation.


              I respectfully decline your offer to stipulate Mr. Paulsen out of this lawsuit.  What may be of assistance for you and your client is that at the pretrial conference Judge Mukasey indicated he would accept a joint motion to dismiss.  I cannot speak for the defendants’ attorneys, but it may be worthwhile contacting them to determine whether they intend to save time and cost by going in on a joint motion. 


              Thank you very much.







                                                                                                                              Roy Den Hollander