To Clerk of the Court J. Michael McMahon                                       July 2, 2003

United States District Court

Southern District of New York


From  (wife) Anastasia A. Vasilyeva

Social Security number 395-21-8413

Permanent resident card (green card) number 047-469-650





(Husband) Nicolay N. Vasilyev

Social security number 395-21-8414

Permanent resident card (green card) number 047-469-651



(414) 545-16-74


This is a reply to summons 03 CV 2717

We, Anastasia A. Vasilyeva and Nicolay N. Vasilyev, received summons on 6.14.03 and we want to respond to the following matter:

Sorry for our English, we have been in the USA for only two years, our income is low, we have two children-3.5 and 7 months old, my husband doesn’t have a job, and he is learning English and babysitting our children. We can’t afford to hire an attorney and translator, please let us answer in Russian.

On 6.14.03, a messenger from a court delivered two documents for me and for my husband NICOLAY N. VASILYEV that were from Roy Den Hollander. Since we have been in the USA for two years, our knowledge of English doesn’t allow us to read and understand the containment of the documents.

However, we understood that the person Roy Den Hollander illegally accuses us of

breaking the US laws in the following categories:

  1. Prostitution and spread of prostitution
  2. Drugs and distribution of drugs
  3. Connections with the organized crime world in Russia, Mexico, Cyprus, and USA;
  4. Asserting that my husband and my family are criminal figures in the South Russia and Krasnodar.
  5. While leaving in Russia we committed assorted crimes
  6. Violation by US rules of entering and living in the USA
  7. Committing fraud against Federal organization-Immigration and Naturalization and illegal obtaining of the permanent residents (green cards) to live in the USA.
  8. Money laundering and various violations of law.

We certainly deny all the accusations and allegations against us.

All the assumptions and allegations don’t have documental basis, and are built on rumors and information, as Roy Den Hollander admits, which he made up, driven by anger and offense.


In order for the honorable court to fairly determine our innocence on all the accusations from Roy Den Hollander, we have the evidence that could help You determine our innocence.


A year or half a year before leaving for the permanent living in the USA (we came to the USA On June 28, 2001) we lived on 7 Hakurate Street, apartment 11, Krasnodar, Russia. To our workplace, which is located in “Tatyana Vasilyeva’s Fashion House” 158 Krasnaya St., Krasnodar, Russia, came a man who did not speak Russian, who introduced himself as Roy Den Hollander and said that he was the husband of my former student Alina Shipilina, who was attending “ The School of Fashion and Beauty” of “Tatyana Vasilyeva’s Fashion House” five years ago.


I knew English better than my husband, so I was the one who was talking to Roy Den Hollander. He immediately gave us a copy of a document, which he said was his wife’s personal diary. He said that his wife was a prostitute, and that she promised to end it when she married him. But she deceived him and once she came to the USA and got the status, she continued to be a prostitute. Then she divorced him, and he lost a lot of money. He told us to read the diary and said that he will be back to talk to us the next day. In the diary were private thoughts from Alina Shipilina. The next day Roy Den Hollander came back and started asking us what we knew bad about his wife and what information and proof we can provide for the court to get his money back. We were shocked by the questions. We said that we had no proof and that we know nothing bad about his wife. We gave him a copy of the application when his wife was a student of “School of Fashion and Beauty.” We showed and gave him several pictures of her from the beauty contest when she was participating and became “Vice Miss’ and “Miss FA”

At the time when his wife was attending “School of Fashion and Beauty” and was participating in a beauty contest, I wasn’t married (we got married on June 4, 1999) to Nicolay N. Vasilyev. My husband didn’t know Alina Shipilina and saw her twice in his life.

              When Roy Den Hollander understood that we couldn’t help him with anything he got nervous. He asked if we could introduce him to people mentioned in his wife’s diary. He wanted to meet his wife’s ex-boyfriend. I said that I was going to call that person and ask if he wanted to speak to Roy Den Hollander. Ex-boyfriend of Alina Shipilina agreed to meet with Roy Den Hollander. Their meeting was scheduled on our premises. Roy Den Hollander and the ex-boyfriend decided to talk in undisclosed location. After that we never saw Roy Den Hollander.

On June 28, 2001 we came to the USA.



Our facts overturn the above accusations and allegations of Roy Den Hollander and prove that they are false.


On the basis of the above mentioned facts we are asking:


  1. To refuse the plaintiff’s request
  2. As we don’t speak English and can’t understand the meaning of the documents that we receive, and according to the US law we have equal rights as all other participants of Court proceeding, and we also have a right to receive true and understandable information on our native language, we are asking to keep all the information and trial proceeding in Russian, and in case of any contacts with court representatives or other officials, we kindly request translation of everything that is said or written into Russian.
  3. As a family with low income we are asking for an attorney.
  4. In case we need to spend our time for the judicial and other purposes and that will be the time my wife will have to skip work and when my husband will not be able to look after the children, we are asking to compensate for babysitting and for each working day at my job rate.
  5. If it is required for us to be present in NY court, we are asking for the additional payment of air fare and housing;
  6. All the financial expenses listed above should be presented to Roy Den Hollander.